The School of The New York Times

The School of The New York Times translates the knowledge, practices and values of The Times into educational programs that help students understand the world.

At The School of The New York Times, we encourage analytical curiosity while helping students sharpen important life skills and values such as equity, critical thinking, information literacy and the pursuit of truth.

Our educational programs explore important issues in media, business, politics, arts, culture, technology and other real-world subject matter. Throughout our curricula we make a point of the importance of facts, fact-checking and sharing the truth. All of our courses are designed to help students develop the skills, values and competencies that will broaden their horizons and guide their educational and professional paths.

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Highlighted Programs

Summer Academy

NYC Summer Academy gives intellectually curious high school students an opportunity to live in New York City while studying with award-winning Times journalists and other industry experts

  • Focus: Writing, Photojournalism, Culture
  • Location: New York
  • Audience: Grades 10 - 12 + Graduating Seniors

Gap Year

Gap Year NYC provides recent high school graduates a transformative intellectual adventure before going to college or pursuing a future career.

  • Focus: Experiential Learning
  • Location: New York
  • Audience: Ages 18 - 21

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