Our Approach

We believe that the next set of premier education providers in the world will be those that are closely aligned with iconic, trusted brands.

Why Branded Education?

We are witnessing a massive disruption in the education space where students are migrating towards content with real-world application and knowledge delivered by practitioners and leaders in their respective industries. BrandEd is exclusively focused on taking the exceptional content inherent in the world’s best brands and building innovative education programs that reflect and enhance the reputation of these premier companies. Read more in our white paper on "Why BrandEd?"

Our Expertise

Brand Stewardship & Audience Development

Companies at the top of their industry entrust their reputations to BrandEd based on our expertise in interpreting brand value into world-class education programs. As they hinge their growth strategies on accessing the next generation of customers, partnering with BrandEd becomes an integral part of their audience expansion strategies.

“School-as-a-Service” Model

Our business model is turnkey and removes all of the friction for our brand partners. We invest in functional teams such as marketing, enrollment, digital learning, IT, finance, legal, HR and facilities that support each school in our portfolio on an agency-like basis so that the schools can focus on developing the best academic programs.

Talent Sourcing

The growing battle for talent has been a megatrend that BrandEd has benefitted from as employers are challenged to recruit and retain qualified professionals. Our core business is to train leaders for our clients’ industries, so it is no surprise that graduates of our programs become top sources of talent for our brand partners.

Curriculum Development

Our programs are taught by top industry professionals and experienced academic faculty. BrandEd’s curriculum favors real world examples and relevant, current case studies. The expertise that reside in our brand partners are unmatched in their respective industries and boast heritage that rivals the most prestigious universities in the world.

Enrollment & Marketing

There is no other team in the world that has the specific expertise of marketing educational offerings for iconic brands. Our team manages the go-to-market strategy for all programs and optimizes the student journey through the funnel. In addition to recruiting and enrollment, they oversee marketing and creative services in close cooperation with our brand partners.

Digital Learning

Our Digital Learning team has over a decade of experience in developing online courses for Pre-College, Higher Education, Continuing Education, Professional Development and Massive Open Online Courses. They work hard to ensure that our online courses emit the right level of brand expression while maintaining their identity as academically rigorous programs.

Culture at BrandEd

Our culture is one where pragmatic business minds and rigorous academic thinkers come together to collaborate in a creative, entrepreneurial environment. We encourage a spirit of curiosity and perpetual learning through professional development opportunities, team retreats, a company-wide innovation prize, and more. Most importantly, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion enriches lives and is critical to a healthy, vibrant company culture. Our DEI Council exists to ensure that we are continually improving where we stand on DEI, and we are committed to measuring and reviewing our progress and funding annually.

Experiential Education

We introduce the idea of learning in an entirely different way utilizing the strengths and resources of our brands to develop programming that is practical, relevant, and experiential. We turn some of the most renowned professionals in the world into our faculty members so that students can learn directly from the experts. All of our brand partners support programs by providing access to executives, providing real world industry insights, hosting students at facilities and exploring ways to work with students and alumni, whether through internships, mentoring or career possibilities.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

BrandEd works with partners that make diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) a strategic imperative of their education offering. Our strategy consists of financial aid and scholarship programs for underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students and partnerships with CBOs and education groups that work with diverse student populations.

Global Scale

BrandEd has decades of experience operating global education programs in major markets around the world. We currently operate full-time in London, New York and Madrid, and have satellite locations in Mexico City, Beijing and Seoul. This global footprint gives us the agility, resources, and cultural awareness needed to launch new programs in new markets.

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