About Us

Knowledge is our passion. We thrive at the intersection of business and education and have built a global reputation for developing world-class learning programs to nurture the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower lives through education. We seek to understand the passions of a new generation of students and help transform those passions into meaningful and fulfilling career trajectories. We do this by delivering relevant, experiential courses taught by industry experts from the world’s best brands.

Our History

BrandEd has been operating for two decades beginning with the acquisition of the London campus of Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2003. Over the years we have built a portfolio of world-class academic programs with iconic brands including Sotheby’s Institute of Art, The School of The New York Times (est. 2016) City Football Leadership Institute (est. 2022) and Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design (acquired in 2023). BrandEd is owned by Cambridge Information Group (CIG), a family-owned investment firm since 1971 focused on long-term and meaningful ventures in education, technology, and information services.

Our Schools

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Meet the people helping to bring the mission of BrandEd to life.

Brandon Busteed

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda Bakale

Senior Counsel and Global Head of Human Resources

Ana Garcia Siñeriz

Director, Condé Nast College

Jenny Morris

Director, City Football Leadership Institute

Mukta Puranik

Director, Global Finance

Allegra Berena

Vice President, Digital Learning and IT

Joe Watson

Global Director, Collegiate and Professional Programs

Victoria Weinfeld

Vice President, Global Marketing and Enrollment

Jonathan Woolfson

Director, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

Michael Chung

Vice Chairman

Our Approach

We believe that the next set of premier education providers in the world will be those that are closely aligned with iconic, trusted brands.

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Our Culture

Our culture is one where pragmatic business minds and rigorous academic thinkers come together to collaborate in a creative, entrepreneurial environment. We encourage a spirit of curiosity and perpetual learning through professional development opportunities, team retreats, a company-wide innovation prize, and more. Most importantly, we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion enriches lives and is critical to a healthy, vibrant company culture. Our DEI Council exists to ensure that we are continually improving where we stand on DEI, and we are committed to measuring and reviewing our progress and funding annually.

At BrandEd we believe that the ultimate purpose of education is to help students build meaningful careers and as a result, live a fulfilling life.

Michael Chung Vice Chairman of BrandEd

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